OIPS Core Purpose

At OM International Public School, we believe that inspiring students to enjoy school life is key to enjoy learning. This purpose lies behind everything we do at OIPS. We want our teaching to inspire our students with genuine confidence; we believe that there is no limit to what our students can achieve. We know that as the world changes so rapidly our students will have to learn new skills over and over again. If they are going to thrive they will need to be really confident learners and have the personal skills to get on well with other people. We are sure that the inspiring atmosphere students enjoy at OIPS School will enable them to grow and thrive in the modern world. Our school has three core values: Respect, Honesty and Kindness. Every single person is expected to try as hard as they can to live by these values every single minute of every single day. We think that if we can all be respectful, honest and kind we will have a school where we can all enjoy being successful.

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